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Я использовал NOIP. С полгода всё работало, потом опять та же песня. Взял в Ростелекоме статический айпи- помогло.

Thank you, friend! Helpful information.I will carry out your recommendations. I did a test for open ports. ALL ports are closed. Open ONLY 80.These are the conditions of the provider. I'll try to connect the router through a cable, not a wireless network. Perhaps this will reduce the problem.

My English is not very good, I'm afraid I did not understand the last question. I will answer as I understood. My IP is DYNAMIC. I use the No-IP service , Every 5 minutes it checks my dynamic IP and if it changes, it redirects it to http: // It is rather an imitation of a static IPI. As far as I understand it.
Most likely the problem is in the old router. Thanks for the help!

Now it helps only to disconnect the router and laptop from power. And a new boot with the entry of the login and password of the network. But this has to be done too often! And if I'm not at home the server is unavailable  >:(

After changing the external address and DNS, the server is unavailable.
laptop HP 635
AMD E 450 APU 1.65 Ghz
HDD 350Gb
Windows 7
32 bit
Wireless network adapter - Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter (Drivers are updated, but still deleted and installed again)
Router Tenda W316R
I use NO-IP
simple_port_forwarding.exe  - not helped
More in the pictures :'(
What can be done?
Thanks to everyone who can help!

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