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I was going to wait till I added some more features before I released this, but I have some other things to do right now and I can't mess with this again for awhile.  This is my customized version of the Live 3 template.  It includes the ability to delete files/folders, rename files/folders, create new folders, and allows members to change their passwords.  Here is a snapshot and download link:

Click The Picture To See Full Sized Image


1.  Download the original Live3 Template from

2.  Add the contents of the folder entitled "New Contents" to the template folder
    that was included with the original template downloaded from rawr-designs.

3.  Install the template named "NewLive3.tpl".

4.  Go into your custom .css folder (i.e. live_black.css) and edit the #header_logo span
    element like this:

   #header_logo span {

4.  The custom LBT Server logo and custom background image can be found in the
    "images_added" folder.  You can add them to your server template if desired
    by linking to the images via the custom .css file for each original
    template (i.e. live_black.css).

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Probably A Simple Question But........
« on: July 14, 2009, 06:05:18 AM »
Sorry if this is a terribly obvious question, but why can I not link to files when the filenames have a space in them?  For example, this URL will work:


But this one will not:

www.*******.com/members/john/super cool vid.avi

It replaces the spaces with the characters "%2520" and I get a server error.  Is there any way to make this work?  My members are getting frustrated because their links won't work when the filenames have a space in them.  I'm guessing this is a setting in the HFS interface which is why I didn't post this in the HTML/Templates section. 

I'm using a heavily modified version of RAWR, but it did the same thing when I used the standard template too.

HTML & templates / Sorry About This But.......
« on: July 10, 2009, 02:50:30 AM »
I'm sorry to tell y'all this but I cannot share my template.  I've been getting a lot of emails recently asking if I could share my template and the answer has to be no.  I'm sorry but it just relies too heavily on dependencies that can only be used via my server.  Most of the files are linked via my DNS url and it's just a real mess.  If I gave out the template not only would people be able to access my real server, they would also be using my personal bandwidth to make their templates work.  I've spent forever trying to edit the template but every time I turn around there's more crap that needs to be removed and replaced. 

But most of what my template is was taken from this forum.  If you really want my template why not take a look around and start copying and pasting?  I'd say about 10% of my code has been originally coded by me.  You can get a template that can do everything mine can by looking at all the topics in this forum.  I started with the basic RAWR black template.

I know I said I'd share it....but I didn't realize how dependent it was on my own server resources.  I've spent the last three hours trying to clean it up but to no avail.  I might re-make the template though once a better and more improved version of RAWR has come out (1.2 doesn't cut it for me.  I did add the new RAWR player to my template though).  I'll make sure not to make it so dependent on my server next time 'round.  When I made the template I never really thought about how I was going to share it but rather how I was going to make it WORK. 

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Server Speeds Slow For Some Users
« on: June 19, 2009, 04:03:47 PM »
I'm going to ask a simple question and hope it has a simple answer.  There's a friend of mine who lives in New York and he get's TERRIBLE speeds when connecting to my server.  I've been using HFS for about a year now and it's been like this since day 1.  Way before I installed the RAWR template.  I designed my own template and used that before....but I also went back to the default template just in case it was something I mucked up in the code.  Nothing helped.  I've been putting it off for some time, but he's fed up and I don't blame him.  Most of my users can get 5mbps+ but he can get like.....1.2kps-4.6kps.  He has a 2mbps connection, but he also has some wacko obscure ISP.  He lives out in the middle of nowhere and he has an ISP that's exclusive to his town.  Could it just be a connection issue and not an issue with HFS at all?  Perhaps something between the ISP's?  That's what I'm thinking because no matter what I do his speeds are so slow.  Even some guy from deep in Africa (don't know where the heck that guy came from or how he found my server) get's faster speeds on my server than my friend does.

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