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Would it perhaps be possible to make HFS remember where it was positioned the last time it was closed? My HFS always opens on my primary monitor, it refuses to remember that I had it on my secondary monitor before I closed/restarted it. I'm currently using 2.3 beta, build 217, but this issue/behaviour has always been there as far as I know.

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / New unknown log entries
« on: September 13, 2008, 11:07:10 PM »
I just saw a very peculiar thing in my log which I don't know how to interpret:

I don't recognize either of the IP addresses. Currently, only 8 people know about my server, and neither of them use any of these IP addresses. What does it mean, and how concerned should I be? To be on the safe side, I've switched off (F4) my HFS server until I've figured out what just happened.

I'm using 2.3 beta, build 202.

[edit] By the way, I have the "Stop spiders" option checked as well.

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