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HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Make a recommendation
« on: August 21, 2008, 03:39:16 PM »
I hope that in the final version of HFS
By adding the following features
Support for the Chinese, many of the Pack
Support multi-card bundled improve performance
Improve the multi-threaded multi-line download speeds
Download recorded the highest number of documents and add it to cache (Cache regular cleaning)
LOG new record, change the past txt documents, you can quickly find
Integration of some functions to the control panel, set up to facilitate
More support for the system, windows2000, xp, vista, 2003,2008 Or linux?
Faster and faster memory cache
LOG regional show IP, with IP database files for IP location
Will always support the simple easy-to-deploy HFS
If the official version by adding more features, in China and I am willing to my friends together to promote and share. We are willing to buy genuine.
I wish every day happy HFS Development Group

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