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HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Port 80 is used? WTF
« on: June 24, 2011, 10:28:55 PM »

I"m trying to get hfs to work on my server its running windows 2003 server 32bit.

I'm wanting to use port 80 to make it seamless for my end users but I can not even get port 80 to be aplied to the porgram and it defaults to 8080 (I cant forwared that to this computer as I use it for another service on my tower

now I have found out with netstat -o -a that the pid that is using port 80 is pid4
I found out that in my computer that pid4 is "system"

well I dont have webservices installed on my server, I do have fillzilla running ftp, and have vpn and remote desktop running but they are no wheres near port 80.

Im struck for words, and also how can install hfs as a service as I do not want to be bothed with it much after its running on my server..

I bet this has an easy fix. but search wont find much for me,

edit is there also a way I can slightly edit the front page to say what I want I know I changed the ban message to something more amusing

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