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HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Login Button leads to Error Message
« on: January 24, 2018, 10:31:08 AM »
I now can access the Webpage via IE.

But when I click on the Login Button I get the error message:

Either your user name and password do not match, or you are not permitted to access this resource.
HttpFileServer 2.3k
1/24/2018 11:29:40 AM

When clicking on the secured folder, I get the same Message. I get not prompted at all to enter my credentials.

Opening the Page on my Server using http://localhost the Login Button works as expected.
But opening on my Client using http://servername the Error Message above appears.
The Firewall is well configured. I can see the Homepage and I can click through my unsecured folders. But securing a folder and get in does not work.

I cannot push the URL because it is in my private network.

I found out, that the Login is possible on all machines where no Firewall is between.

The firewall to my Client PC allows Port 80. I can see the Homepage, but can't login.
Is there anything else to be opened in the Firewall ?

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