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Thanks bmartino, I hope you are well and get better. I appreciate your help and your good willingness to give me a hand. I will check your file, but as I've read here, you had problems trying to compile HFS. That's why I've I asked Mars for help, because he had compiled HFS successfully.

Perhaps rejetto knows the motive of the sudden silence of Mars (I'm surprised of his attitude and also worried, since Mars logins two or three times every single day, but remains without giving a response). Or even better, perhaps rejetto could directly share here the library components as a zip package (if he has some free time to help).

Anyway, I will wait until weekend to leave time to reply (I also have more free time to make tests too).

Programmers corner / Friendly petition to Mars and or to any programmer
« on: November 14, 2018, 09:45:44 PM »
Since a long time I wanted to build HFS by my self, and recently I've found this 'Portable Turbo Delphi Lite v1.0d' here. But that's not enough, since I need all the library components listed on 'developer notes.txt' (but I've read here in various posts on the forum, that the configuration and installation of those components is not very straightforward and it's prone to give errors on compiling time).

I rarely ask for help, but this time I'm asking to someone who already had compiled HFS, the following...

@Mars/Anyone: Could you please provide me the ./lib folder (with all the components included, and with everything ready to compile HFS, including the configuration file 'TDrun.reg' of your 'portable Turbo Delphi' folder?...

@Mars: Over the years, you have many times proposed excellent code changes and enhancements that some of them were later discarded or not used by Rejetto. That's why I would love to have your own custom modified HFS source code, since it could contain many of those interesting changes that were not included on the final version of HFS. So, Mars: would you be kind enough to share with me your the source code of HFS with the custom modifications done by you?. This is a very small file (that you could even attach in this thread), or send me a download link in a private message, if you don't want to keep it public. If you don't like to share it with me, it's OK, I will accept your answer, but please don't give me an ironic 'wait, wait and wait' response.

Cheers, :)

good news, the macro works as indicated by rejetto, I checked the wording in the exe, it's good base64decode
Code: [Select]
{.set|encoded| {.base64|this object will store some %symbols% in the javascript space, so that libs can read them.}.}
{.base64decode| VGhpcyBpcyBhIHNhbXBsZSB0ZXh0.}
{.base64decode|dGhpcyBvYmplY3Qgd2lsbCBzdG9yZSBzb21lICVzeW1ib2xzJSBpbiB0aGUgamF2YXNjcmlwdCBzcGFjZSwgc28gdGhhdCBsaWJzIGNhbiByZWFkIHRoZW0= .}
Yes, it's working fine now, thanks for the example.

Code: [Select]
<div style="font-family:tahoma; font-size:12pt;">
{.base64decode| VGhpcyBpcyBhIHNhbXBsZSB0ZXh0.}

And with {.base64 decode| blablabla.} ??
{.base64 decode| VGhpcyBpcyBhIHNhbXBsZSB0ZXh0.}
No, I've just tried it and it doesn't work. :-[

@Mars: don't forget to read and reply my last private message...  ;)

ok, i've found the sha1
Code: [Select]
    if name = 'sha1' then

it's not included in beta6, anyway
Do you mean about SHA1 is not included in beta 6, or also Base64 decode and encode macro? Because I did some test, and it seems Base64 macro was not included on beta 6.

Beta / Re: version 2.4
« on: November 11, 2018, 03:28:45 AM »

Now we have sorting, and much more translatable strings.
Could you please generate a new base language file (hfs.lng), because I've generated a new one (using kdlscan.exe and lngupdate.exe), but I can't find any new string to translate (and neither any new modification is found). The utility kdlscan.exe mark with "(!)" every untranslated (new & modified) string, but in this case (and after doing every step right), it does't find new or modified strings. Are you sure there are new strings to translate? (because also after doing a 'visual' inspection, I don't see anything new/changed). ???

• Another thing: When using your new template on a desktop PC with a screen resolution of 800x600px, your new 'Sorting' button makes the 'menu-bar' look ugly (like this). I guess a small change needs to be done, so if that resolution is used, then show up the short/small mobile buttons instead.

You could solve this, changing 48em to 50em:

@media (min-width: 50em) {
#toggleTs { display: none }
@media (max-width: 50em) {
#menu-panel button { padding: .4em .6em; }
.additional-panel button span,
#menu-bar button span { display:none } /* icons only */
#menu-bar i { font-size:120%; } /* bigger icons */
#menu-bar button { width: 3em; max-width:10.7vw; padding: .4em 0; }
.hideTs .item-ts { display:none }

...or using another method you want, so when 7 buttons are displayed on a small screen (800x600), the small buttons are shown.

• Another thing more: "developer notes.txt" needs this line to be added:
Code: [Select]
Kryvich's Delphi Localizer

Sorry, been out the past month or so with medical issues. [...] the main idea is adding "a cookie-based login system", so modern mobile browsers could use a form based login system (and not rely on that old and obsolete login popup that most new browsers are now deprecating).
I hope you are well now, it's nice to see you again. :) I agree, that would be great. After seeing your post I've search on the forum and found out that Rejetto was working some time ago on a similar solution, but then he didn't say anything about it. This was that post:

1. cookie authentication is on the way. Sadly i had to stop few months ago because of the lack of time. It's harder than you may think since i'm making it backward compatible, so that current templates will continue to work. It's already quite working but i have to solve some problems. Sharing it with you may be a good idea to speed up the process.
I know that post was -very- old, but may be rejetto has somewhere stored a partial-done code for a 'cookie authentication' system, that he could share it "as is" here, so we can continue developing it. ;)

Beta / Re: version 2.4
« on: November 11, 2018, 03:26:26 AM »
" latest tests I did the other day, were only using" Strighten up Leo. We can absolutely not use that in season 5 Le Bureau
That's a 'high' post!!

Beta / Re: version 2.4
« on: November 05, 2018, 07:06:45 AM »
ok, i see.
I don't see a good reason to support IE6 and FF3.
I understand your suggestion to use jquery 1.4 is also in favor of IE6 and FF3.
Yeah, it's OK. :) Who cares about IE6 and FF3 anyway? They are not relevant today (I don't use it at all, I just did some tests on it, only because the old template worked fine on it). But if some user needs support for those old browsers, could still use 'The really fast Throwback (retro) template' or the old legacy template that I'm sharing HERE. After all, this is a brand new version, so, it's OK to drop support for those 'truly very-old browsers'.

Now we have sorting, and much more translatable strings.
Cool! 8) I'll check it out and do some tests on the next few days...

HTML & templates / Old default template for new and legacy browsers
« on: November 05, 2018, 07:00:25 AM »
Since Rejetto has updated the default template of HFS v2.4 to a new responsive mobile-friendly version (and also have updated jQuery from v1.4.2 to v1.12.4), I decided it's time to release a specially modified version of the old default template you found on past HFS versions, up to v2.3m, supporting both new and legacy browsers. The only modification I did is embedding the old jQuery v1.4.2, and the rest of the code is untouched. This file was taken from the source code of v2.3m (default.tpl).

You can use this old default template (that's attached to this post) on HFS v2.4 and newer versions too, but keep in mind that Rejetto only gives support to browsers not older than JAN/2006 with some exceptions (as he stated here), so keep in mind that the use of this template is officially unsupported (and unless Rejetto says otherwise, I'm currently the only one who gives support for it, but rest assured this template is rock-solid stable).

In the case you use an old custom template (that makes use of old jQuery) on a legacy browser (older than 2016), you will need to make the following modification, simply replacing this text (marked in red):

<script type="text/javascript" src="/?mode=jquery"> the following text (marked on green color):

<script type="text/javascript" src="">

Or if you want to make it work offline (because you use HFS on a LAN, without internet access), the modification is more complex (and is exactly the same modification I did on the attached template), and you need to use this:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/?mode=section&id=jquery.js">

And also add the following text, before this section: [file=folder=link|private]

[jquery.js|no log|cache]
/* Copy and paste here the contents of the jQuery v1.4.2 file */

If you have any doubts, use as reference the template attached to this post, or feel free to ask me for help, by leaving a message here, in this post (the support I'm giving is limited only to make work the old jQuery v1.4.2 with your template, and nothing else). If your template doesn't use jQuery at all, you don't need to make any modification. An alternative to this template, is using 'The really fast Throwback (retro) template' made by danny.

Enjoy! :) ...and don't forget to leave a comment if you find this useful!
(and thanks to Rejetto for making it the default template for almost 8 years)

Code: [Select]
File: legacy-template.tpl
MD5: 048E8A2A4A4F6AA8D6B544A24CECE11F


Beta / Re: version 2.4
« on: November 04, 2018, 08:42:37 PM »
don't you remember if the problems were with the default template, or not?
may be wrong but it must be about the compatibility of old default template with the new version of jquery
Yes, the problem was about compatibility of old default template (of 2.3m) with the new version of jQuery v1.12.4.

The latest tests I did the other day, were only using the default template of 2.3m. Using Iron 31 worked fine (and anything more modern than that). When I said 'you won't like to hear this' it was because the compatibility problem was with 'really' old browsers, like Firefox 3.x and IE6 (and could be more old browsers).

I could report exactly what it fails (with screenshots), since I have access to those browsers (in case you care about). But those were 'action' buttons not showing up (in Firefox 3.x), and IE6 was working better (this surprised me), only having the file 'selection panel' doesn't showing up. It could be more missing, since I can't remember exactly all now.

I reported this is issue because the default template of v2.3m was working absolutely fine BEFORE with those old browsers (and because some users could be still using and depending on those old browsers), but like I've said on previous posts, this issue particularly doesn't affect me (one because I mostly use Iron 31 which works fine now, and second because I could patch the old template to use jQuery v1.4.2 in case I need). But that doesn't mean this issue still exists, and that it could affect other old custom templates too.

ANOTHER THING: I also discovered that the new template of v2.4 is not 100% compatible with the old jQuery v1.4.2. If my tests are not wrong (at least when using Iron 31), when using the new template with the old jQuery, you will find all the main buttons on the header missing, and the 'more options' menu not responding when clicking on it. So, I have my doubts now if this is worth all the hassle, just to keep jQuery v1.4.2. But if you fix the new template to be working with jQuery v1.4.2, then go ahead with jQuery v1.4.2 (this would be the best solution, if it's not too complicated for you to fix it).

That's why I leave this decision up to you. In my opinion, when you release v2.4 (if you want to keep jQuery v1.12.4), you should at least warn users that old templates could be broken when using a truly old browser. But the best solution (that's my suggestion only), would be fixing the new template of v2.4 to be working with jQuery v1.4.2 (so you could include jQuery v1.4.2 by default).

I'm attaching the new template of v2.4 with old jQuery v1.4.2 embedded on the same file, to make your tests easier (but don't rely on it, since I can't be sure if it's from Beta 4 or 5). You will find it doesn't work as expected...

I hope this helps... ;)

HTML & templates / Re: base64 Re: Responsive small screen template
« on: November 03, 2018, 11:08:15 PM »
it's enough for me to check that minor improvements work for hfs, but I know that basically I can not guarantee an executable free of defects, it's just to propose to rejetto the result of modifications
the only times I share the exe is to show the result we can have to use
:) Yes, I already know that. I was referring if you could help me with Delphi component installation, so I could build HFS by myself. But don't worry, I will investigate on how to install everything and make it work. (I wish I could directly speak french with you, without using a translator, since Google Translator sometimes gives me a bad translation). Sorry if my English is not good...

Have a nice weekend everyone! ;)
(I will log-off of the forum now)

HTML & templates / Re: base64 Re: Responsive small screen template
« on: November 03, 2018, 10:42:04 PM »
I do not bother to compare or install packages, I just have PAS files accessible in Delphi and functional.
Do you mean it's enough to copy all the PAS files in \Turbo Delphi Portable\lib? Doesn't have to make any other changes to make it work? I would appreciate if you could guide me...

HTML & templates / Re: base64 Re: Responsive small screen template
« on: November 03, 2018, 10:22:23 PM »
If you lack the resources to complete your installation, I will be able to provide them but in a few days, the time to get your hands on the archives
Yes, I will happy if you could share it with me :) (because I find component installation complex to me). There is no hurry, take your time. (you could send me the link by private message or directly post it here).

EDIT: To make the file more light, you could do a folder comparison between you own portable Delphi folder, and the default package of Portable Turbo Delphi Lite 1.0d. Perhaps you could use a folder diff utility like Meld or WinMerge (or any other Directory Comparison utility). Just to be sure, don't forget to make a backup of you portable Delphi before using any of those utilities.

HTML & templates / Re: base64 Re: Responsive small screen template
« on: November 03, 2018, 09:56:34 PM »
do you have what it takes on your machine to compile hfs sources and create your executable?
I haven't tested yet, because I need to have all the components listed on developer notes.txt, but I'm working on it (I currently have Portable Delphi and OverByte's ICS component only). I need some time to find the rest and put everything in the correct folder.

...with a portable version of Borland® Delphi® for Microsoft® Windows™ Version 10.0.2558.35231
I recently found that version (since I'm trying to get all the components to build HFS by myself), and I think the version you are referring is: Portable Turbo Delphi Lite 1.0d.

I don't know if there is a big difference in the SHA1 implementation of OverbyteIcsV6 and OverbyteIcsV7. I only cited version 7 because I've read (in developer notes.txt), that Rejetto is using that version.

Beta / Re: version 2.4
« on: November 03, 2018, 09:45:15 PM »
Can you please tell me what old template and what feature it breaks?
I'm afraid you won't like to hear this: on modern browsers the functionality seems to be OK, but on old browsers it gets broken (and the problems are too many to list here, but they are mostly buttons or some sections that doesn't showing up). So, summarizing: if some user was using an old template on an old browser, it will be fucked up (will have a very limited functionality), but if he is using a modern browser, will see no difference (everything seems to work fine). So, it's up to you if you keep jQuery v1.12.4 (breaking the compatibility with old browsers), or use jQuery v1.4.2 (maintaining compatibility).

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