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++thx to rejetto , wow a fanstactic job.

Hi all.
I know it was discussed in a previous post but it was years ago.

I was wondering if anyone would have an idea now. :-[
With Any template of RAWR I tried, when I lock a my movie folder or root /, i can't preview my videos anymore but the Download link still works..

DIVX: "The video cannot be reached (401 error) it appears the server is denying access to the file".

I read it's due to .htaccess.

If Unlock and no password, everything is fine and really awesome.. :-*

I run the latest version of RAWR-Template-0.1.3 or same problem with Live 3.0.1 which supports .mkv preview.

I want to make previews of .avi files and need to lock the folder.

Any Idea or any alternatives?

Thanks for any answers. :)
Really appreciated.

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