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Everything else / OT - Trying to compile old (2003) Delphi code
« on: September 28, 2010, 10:01:15 AM »
Very off topic, (not even HFS :( )

I want to know what i can use to compile Delphi code from 2003.
I have tried a couple of them from around the net, but so far, no luck.

I am trying to make the change to TinyWeb suggested on their site,
but it involves compiling the changed source.
Unfortunately, I don't know enough to begin to port it to a later version,
(I am but a mere dabbler in

So. Anyone know of a free, 2003 compatible compiler for Delphi?
Any pointers to go with it?

Thanks in advance...

Beta / Re: Testing build #270
« on: September 28, 2010, 09:33:02 AM »
Hi everyone,

Just dropped out of the blue to add my 3 cent piece  :)

I for one would like control over who does what on my server.
My Hardware - My Electricity - My data allowance - MY SAY.
Even if they CAN move stuff any way (a thing i ask you would stop - no i don't know what i ask when i say that)  But just because they COULD, don't mean i want to ENCOURAGE, or make it easy.

To some - i would give delete permission to - but that does not mean i want them messing everything up. they can submit, some have the right to delete. but when a heap of people start to organize things, it's just a pain in the arse. Pardon my Klingon.
I would rather no one could move, change password, or breathe without MY ultimate say so - If its THAT important to them, they can always get their OWN copy of HFS  ;D
(does this amount to a feature request?)

Great work everyone. Keep it up :D - p2p will end up being synonymous with HFS

ew - i wont make the mistake of using the "glow" effect again

Greetings AvvA,
I just had to stop and tell you of my experiance with all this.
I have been using HFS since ver 2.2f (maybe earlier - but that is as far back as my archive goes),
About a month ago i decided i need more security, SSL for instance.
(which Rejetto, would be an AWESOME addition to HFS, hint hint)
So - I was ready to ditch the nice, friendly HFS for TinySSL(also good, but not quite what i wanted), but then i found your AvvA's post AvvA

While i was downloading sHFS_051_KUNTA.exe from the first post, i noticed the second, and thought - i should try and do this with up to date software. so  i went out and got all the bits (some links are down - it was a hunt) at latest edition.
followed post 2, run confmakr, and blam - one https hfs ready to go, no sweat, no tears

This is almost unheard of - im no dunce at the computer thing, but im no hacker either -
AvvA, My hat off to you, and a low bow.

As an offtopic side note, to follow the trend, i went out and found a personal SMTP mail server by Argo, I grabed the free version, it works in with everything, and causesno conflict so far, i made theaddress, and used it to register here (panic not, im keeping the addy for a long time)

P.S. Rejetto, Well done. an exelant job. Thankyou. To you also - Hats off and low bowing.

Edited by SilentPliz for remove the bad "Glow effect"  :)

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