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HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: HFS including SSl tools
« on: May 22, 2019, 09:05:09 PM »
Hi everyone..

New to the world of hfs and stunnel :)

I'm trying to make the things work together  :-\ ...

First : thanks to SilentPilz for his releases, they rocks ;)

My HFS is running fine in http mode, but when it comes to stunnels it's a bit more difficult : i've got a problem in making the stunnel server run : (error 140DC002 - something with missing certificate) after a bit of research, it seem that the hfs configurator does not create a certificate file (the only file present in the ssl folder is the private key one). Is there something I do wrong ?

Sorry if i'm not in the right place, but thank you in advance..



I think i found something : with no modifications in the certificate creating fields (except for "Common name or external IP"), i have now 2 files (key and certificate). It means that some of my inputs cause it to not create the certificat ;) ..

Okay, let's smile a litte => now another error on Stunnel :)

"[.] Binding service [https] to Address already in use (WSAEADDRINUSE) (10048)
[!] Binding service [https] failed"

Is it possible to have a complete example of a successfull launch of the stunnel server ?

Thanks  ;D ;D ;D


Haha, I definitely hope that my story will help someone who's experiencing the same problems ;)

In fact I'm trying to run the hfs on a windows based "server" (Win 10 Pro, not server). And guess what : the server is running a vpn utility, who is meant to create a vpn over http  :o :o

So, I need to change the ports O:)

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