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Ah I see there's a diff template option that you can put stuff in in the root properties menu, unfortunately after editing it to include mkv it doesn't seem to work, the thumb folder should be in the root directory right? I added it there in the virtual file system and in the real one but it's not pulling the thumbnails, they are all jpg's named the same as the files.

I didn't restart the server as there are some downloads going on, but from what I've seen HFS just takes changes on the fly to the template and other things, unless this is different?

There is no such option in hfs, you need a template, that shows thumbnails.
Change var patt = /\.mp4|\.webm|\.mkv/ in viewthumbs (for v2.4) and put your coverpics in a subfolder thumb.

Ah, alright, so I can just probably merge my modified template with that one in a sense, and change the directory as needed, I already have thumbnails located in a different folder for all the videos, so sounds like it should be easy to add in, in theory. Not at home so don't have access to my template and whatnot to poke around at right now.

Hi there, had a couple quick questions that I couldn't find anything quite relevant on using the search function.

First, I was wondering if there's a setting or option I missed that would allow HFS to show thumbnails for video files, probably with a larger style list, as that would be helpful in some cases.

Second, is there a way to show the country for the IP address you mouse over in the interface window automatically? That would be cool, not necessary, but a neat bit of extra info.

I love the software so far, it's exactly what I needed and when I can afford to I'll definitely send a donation your way.

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