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Title: About some usefull Captions
Post by: SilentPliz on February 17, 2011, 09:20:34 PM
Hi rejetto!  ;)

I noticed some captions that could display a visual information ... and which are not currently operating.
If you want to add them...  :)

Showbandwidthgraph1.visible:=not graphBox.visible;
Shellcontextmenu1.Caption:=if_(isIntegratedInShell(), 'Remove from shell context menu', 'Integrate in shell context menu');
if_(connectionsInactivityTimeout <= 0, 'The inactive connection is never kicked ...', 'The inactive connection is kicked after '+intToStr(connectionsInactivityTimeout)+' seconds ...');
if_(minDiskSpace <= 0, 'Minimum disk space: disabled ...', 'Minimum disk space: '+intToStr(minDiskSpace)+' MB ...');
if_(filesStayFlaggedForMinutes <= 0, 'Recent files stay flagged during: disabled ...', 'Recent files stay flagged during '+intToStr(filesStayFlaggedForMinutes)+' minutes ...');

//end add

Title: Re: About some usefull Captions
Post by: rejetto on March 01, 2011, 12:11:57 PM
thank you SP.
i slightly changed the form to make translation easier and code simpler .