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Title: File Progress
Post by: TSG on August 27, 2010, 06:08:39 PM
For years now, this bug has been around. It affects the latest beta too.

The [progress] section, will 'lock-up' when you submit a file to upload. I have seen it happen in all browsers, and all templates.

It prevents reliable file progress :) I tried to create a progress bar with some JavaScript, and even that just 'stops' after the first or second request.

Maybe it is unavoidable, maybe it is a bug with HFS. I dunno, for now I have just opted for an image that makes it 'look like' something is happening. But to get accurate feedback this is an issue to overcome. In the past I have included file progress, but the only information I or anyone else really wants to know, is upload progress, and without being able to request it every second or so, to get an updated figure, its not very useful!
Title: Re: File Progress
Post by: rejetto on August 28, 2010, 12:18:06 PM
The only thing i know resembling what you said is that Firefox is not supporting the automatic refresh of progress in a frame.
That's the way it was done in the 2.2 template. It was working in IE, if i remember correctly. I consider it a bug of the browser, since no request was coming to the server, despite the command.
In current default template i changed completely method and it is working fine, AFAIK. Isn't for you?