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Title: not formated hard drive trouble
Post by: jerome on May 09, 2009, 08:04:21 AM
i have just installed new drives in my machine,
and when you have HFS opened and want to reach the windows drive manager to format a new partition.

the machine become mad and HFS bug, all windows opened appz bug
you cant use both at the same time when you have a not formated drive.

all is working only after you have formated your drive, and open HFS after.
something is not compatible in the drive management (on Windows XP PRO SP3 as usual)  ;D

i have moved to v337 directly from formated drives but the case can come again.
Title: not formated hard drive trouble
Post by: SilentPliz on May 09, 2009, 10:16:08 AM
As-tu vérifié si les nouvelles lettres de lecteur attribuées à ta (tes?) nouvelles partitions n'entraient pas en conflit avec ton VFS, ou autre chose dans ton système.
Entre les lecteurs réels virtuels et autres clefs usb ou lecteur DVD... parfois la logique d'attribution peut-être perturbée.
Essaie de faire "tourner" HFS sans VFS pour voir si cela plante toujours.

Mais ce peut aussi bien être un autre problème (?) Ton disque est-il correctement reconnu dans le bios (Taille, cylindres, mode...etc)?
Personnellement, avec une configuration identique à la tienne (XP, sp3), je n'ai jamais constaté d'incompatibilité entre HFS et le gestionnaire de disque.

Have you checked if the new drive letter assigned to your (your?) partition did not conflict with your VFS or other in your system.
Between virtual and real drives, USB keys or DVD player... Sometimes the logic of attribution may be disrupted.
Trying to "run" HFS without VFS to see if it still crashes.

But this may also be another problem.(?) Your drive it's properly recognized in bios (size, cylinders, mode ... etc)?
Personally, with a similar configuration (XP, sp3), I've never seen a conflict between HFS and the disk manager.
Title: Re: not formated hard drive trouble
Post by: rejetto on May 09, 2009, 11:26:47 AM
does the problem arise as you open the format dilog, or when the formatting starts?
Title: RE:not formated hard drive trouble
Post by: jerome on May 10, 2009, 05:56:29 AM
the problem arise when you open the the drive management dialog, it don't show anything when HFS is opened and it bug the system.
even the taskmgr is hard to open, nothing react normally, only a total reset can close the machine.

i have used drives controled by a 3 part embeded RAID manager (not the system one) on a ASUS P4C800 E motherboard, maybe it come's from here.
(the mother board RAID manager) if you dont use it, the drive are not seen by the system. Start the system with No array defined on new drives make a strange reaction with HFS. Without HFS all is OK.

i know the XP joke about affect letters to the drives to see them, but the bug come's before this step.

il y a toujours des découvertes spectaculaires avec windows, celle ci est gratinée.
Title: Re: not formated hard drive trouble
Post by: rejetto on May 10, 2009, 07:25:21 PM
i tried this situation, running HFS first, and then the drive manager, but no problem popped up.
is there anything else you know that i should do to reproduce the problem?
Title: Re: not formated hard drive trouble
Post by: jerome on May 16, 2009, 06:28:47 AM
i suspect windows to need a reboot more after any drive name modif,
and to be confused on some machine drive heavy map, here 6,5To.
(curiously it show a write error order for drives WXYZ)
especially when using USB dongles and virtual drives using letters "before" a fixed letter drive.
it seems it should be better to fix real drives with first letters, to keep virtual drives always after in the drive alphabet (a windows joke)

i have bugged HFS again installing a setup from ISO mounted drives also hosted on HFS. (with Ultra iso from EZB system)
install the setup with HFS opened make it instable.(no response in taskmgr and double process showed)
close HFS,
start the setup install,
open HFS during the install, continue to install changing iso mounted drives works.
(tested on toontrack superior drummer 2 install, hard to reproduce for massimo)

mounted and unmounted drives changes give some strange reactions sometimes, not when coping files but when it use a setup.

some multi iso drive install will make crash HFS ( in my case )
the virtual drive changes (showing, hiding) are not very well supported.

i will be careful.