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Title: to templaters: change on [deny]
Post by: rejetto on April 20, 2009, 11:04:32 AM
this applies only to HFS 2.3

announce to all templaters:
since with version 2.3 users can deny requests for any reason in events [request] and [download], we need a generic "denial" page.
initially i thought of an [error] section, but i think the existing page [deny] fits well.
If you have reasons to think this is a bad design choice, let me know your reasons.
I clearly think it is a good choice, also because this is somewhat backward compatible.
You who are not using the default template in HFS 2.3 are therefore invite to update your templates so that section [deny] will display the generic error message given by %reason%.
E.g., in the default template, you'll see

Code: [Select]
{.or|%reason%|This resource is not accessible..}

that means that when the %reason% is empty, the other default message will be displayed.