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Title: Problem &RQ
Post by: Acer on March 31, 2003, 01:06:22 PM
I have one problem with &RQ:
then I want send message and press "Send" vey often appear this form:
What I must doing for fix this bug? I use Windows 2000.
Title: Problem &RQ
Post by: rejetto on March 31, 2003, 01:50:50 PM
i use windows2000 and never met such a bug hitting the "send" button.

does anyone else... ?
Title: Problem &RQ
Post by: alkimiya on March 31, 2003, 02:07:13 PM
I get those once in a while, when the chat window has been active for a couple of hours (like during a night or something), my message is sent but I get this access violation everytime I press the send button.. if I close the active chat and reopens it the problem disappears
(I use WinXP)
Title: Problem &RQ
Post by: Anonymous on April 01, 2003, 03:22:40 AM
Here: man say about same problem, but hi said this in russian :)