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Title: equipment support
Post by: selkov on March 02, 2016, 11:08:52 PM
I know that this is not the right format for this question but i am hoping that other readers will help me anyway.

I have been using HFS for a long time and have become quite dependent on it. I have been using it to create a kinda cloud of my software for myself. But to do that I have to leave a spare pc turned on for it to always be accessible. My PC just dies and before I purchase a new one I would like to consider an NAS. I have found NAS's that have file share capabilities but none as good as HFS.

Does anyone know of an NAS that can run HFS on it?
What NAS's can you suggest?

Thanks for helping.
Title: Re: equipment support
Post by: bmartino1 on March 03, 2016, 04:48:08 AM
Hello, selkov,

To answer your question, there is not a nas standalone unit that will support HFS executable from...

However, you could build a sever that house multiple harddrive that acts as a NAS that can maintain either a Linux / Windows OS that then will run HFS

Either way though, if you chose to buy a hardware nas, a PC would need to make a network share thus requiring a pc and the shareed nas to run HFS

here is a listing of decently priced and variety of NAS, but none of them can have an OS instled to run the hfs probrma sorry:
Title: Re: equipment support
Post by: LeoNeeson on March 03, 2016, 12:17:44 PM
If you can afford, another good option is having a Windows VPS ( (there are many servers who offer this service). You paid between $15 to $20 USD monthly to have a Windows PC machine online 24/7 days, at your full disposition. Using a VPS you don't need to have your PC turned on, and you can install HFS there. Don't confuse the term "VPS" with "VPN", you need a VPS.

Another option, is buying a Mini PC (, like this ( It has low power consumption, and runs Windows like a normal desktop PC. If you buy this, be careful to choose the one that runs Windows, not Android, so you can run HFS normally.

Good luck! ;)
Title: Re: equipment support
Post by: selkov on March 03, 2016, 05:15:11 PM
Bmartino - Thank you. That is what I had been doing before. I was looking for a smaller footprint.

LeoNeeson - Interesting option I was not aware of this option. Thanks , will look into it.
Title: Re: equipment support
Post by: rejetto on March 06, 2016, 05:29:23 PM
i guess the main problem with various NAS around is that they are not x86 but arm.
if only i had time to work on HFS 3, it is based on node.js, and thus should run on those ARM minicomputers.