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HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Uploading: Connection Reset - (1) (2) (3)
« on: May 29, 2015, 11:26:56 AM »
I am currently testing the HFS server v2.3e.293. So far I it appears to beat Lighttpd in speed 10 MB/s vs 5 MB/s over Fast Ethernet. Lighttpd is really slow on Win32. I do not know the reason. HFS on the other hand uses more CPU.

I encountered a serious problem uploading files using the built in form. I am frequently getting a generic "connection reset" message from the browser. When this happens, several files are created on the server named with suffixes (1), (2), (3) .. (8). Only the last file in the sequence may be complete. If that is so, I get a success report from HFS. In case of connection reset, the files remain on the server, but none of them are complete.

1. test on the same computer

Connection reset immediately in Opera.
Firefox and Chromium works for the first file uploaded.
If I click the Back button on the success form, and try to upload another file, a few duplicates are created. If I reload the tab with the directory, I can upload 1 file successfully again.

2. test on another computer connected via Gigabit Ethernet

Neither Opera nor Chromium work. Connection reset immediately. (6) to (8) files are created on the server for each upload. Each partial file is 261,319 - 261,323 bytes long, and contains the beginning of the data.

3. test on another, older computer connected via Fast Ethernet

Uploading works in Opera most of the time, even if I click Back. Occasionally I get a "reset".

4. test on the older computer again. Bandwidth is throttled to 5 Mbit using a simple queue on the router.

All uploads are successuful. I can press the Back button and upload more files.

This sounds like some kind of a race condition in the program, and only occurs if the latency and bandwidth are excellent. It may be that my TCP network setup has a problem. But no other program is impaired to the same extent. FileZilla works. No connections were dropped while I used HFS. All downloads from HFS were successful. Only uploading has the problem.

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