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I was referring to this:After the button is clicked, then that may be a good spot for a photo thumbnail, players, etc...

Also, I had a thought about the speed--duplicate call to %item-url% costs +25% delay and another +5% for the span tag (the sum is about a third); so, howabout no extra button whatsoever, but, instead long-click or right click the filename, and then only one call to %item-url%? I wonder if that is possible.

i only know of this through javscript (as i once had to create a website to disable the righ mouse click:

is it posible yes, how to go about it no idea
Code: [Select]
document.addEventListener('contextmenu', event => event.preventDefault());
in java sript it about the document and rec ord/listen to events. ( this was later used in hacking atamepts with the double click cookie...

HTML & templates / Re: Chat for HFS.
« on: July 15, 2018, 09:18:57 AM »

HTML & templates / Re: the next phase. . .
« on: July 14, 2018, 11:43:33 AM »
I wonder if it is possible to replace the X with ☰ (menu) or checkbox so as to provide for more features (at no cost to speed)? 
For example, click on ☰ to reach a page with that one file listed along with options to delete, rename, move or play?

Htmp style code it:
It's a case things use for /etc tags and css for a menu:

Bug reports / Re: HFS Documentation (English)
« on: July 11, 2018, 07:16:53 AM »
don't work anymore

Had to use the internet time machine to recover the page-- better copy it all and save it if you want it-- earliest copy here:

HTML & templates / Re: Chat for HFS.
« on: July 11, 2018, 07:11:53 AM »

There already chat boxes in other templates on the forum such as thunder chicken of glore, etc etc...

I don't know if you asking for help on addons or just shrong something you'd like to see implemented in to hfs.


HTML & templates / Re: Need help with file delete feature.
« on: June 29, 2018, 08:03:29 AM »
+1 for using <marquee><b>HFS</b></marquee>, that gives the nostalgic touch. :)
Sometime ago, I was thinking in another approach: removing the delete button, and adding a "+" button instead, which when clicked, it opens a modal screen (in dark grey color) with three nice and big buttons, giving options like: Rename, Delete and Move (and we could even add a 'Send to' when using a mobile). This way, the 'server side' check (to verify if we could delete the file), is only processed on-demand when that "+" button is clicked. I think this could be a win-win situation to solve this, not only because we don't overload the server, but we also add more options. The hard part is coding it... :-[

I vaguely remember that template. I'll try to find out what happened to it.

From other searching I found this template:

Also, looks like someone made a fork of hfs:

From what I understand, you ISP keeps changing your IP to connect to hfs server.

I would recommend a dynamic domaim name service.

It also appears that you are connected to a switch that is behind the main public IP.

Because of that the ISP control the traffic including your Access to the public IP.

They will have to program the switch assignment to a public IP they have access to, witch is the paid service.


Using site like pagekite or another VPN/connection to the PC to get http traffic is the only thing can think of ATM to fix this.

Thx Danny.

BTW, haven't tested but have an idea for login page

After reviewing old posts:

Why not add a folder called login via vfs (vitural folder not real)
Right mouse click / properties / different template

This code:
Code: [Select]

Not tested, but would add a web link to a login only page???

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: HFS Network Storage Integration
« on: June 16, 2018, 11:13:13 PM »
??? ...

What drive are you trying to add to hfs to several as a web link for file access...

A map network drive?
See windows share in above post by me or leo ...

Google drive/OneDrive?
Map the folder....

A USB/spare drive connect to PC???
Already in explorer....

Open hfs

Open windows explorer( my PC / this PC )...

Highlight the drive you wish to add to hfs

Drag the drive and drop it on the house in hfs ...
Add as real folder...


Classic elegance, some new features, and a lot more speed. . .
Tested with HFS 2.3K and 2.3L

Phone and Tablet screen-support, including good tap targets and easily readable fonts. 
Tested with both iPhone and Android.

Much faster file listings in lengthy folders because there's no slow checkboxes.
Efficient and colorful unicode icons display twice as fast.

Automated error correction for users.  When needed, it displays very polite messages briefly, and then quickly sends the user back to what they wanted to do.  It maintains the appearance of good working order.  So, you're free to use options like the "max connections" and "maximum simultaneous downloads from single address" limits to manage your bandwidth. 

Quickly disconnects hack scans; and that feature lowers the cpu load, improving speed.

Easy for users, with simplified interface, column layout, black background, and readable fonts.  Classic! 
So, easy to use that it is Cat-operable on a tablet, apparently.

Works nicely on a variety of screen sizes, from pocket size to wall size displays.

How to use: Save the tpl file in the same folder as hfs.exe, and then: Menu, HTML-template, Change-file, and choose the tpl file.

i saw alot of template chages, and revision, i was not able to save them all, but i thought it woth to downlaod at the time. so here are your tempaltes older veriosn that i have downlaoed and never touched:

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: HFS Network Storage Integration
« on: May 31, 2018, 05:43:55 AM »
Unfortunately the post with me Mars and another user (turned out to be the user hard drive crashing)...

Is lost on the forum

Here is proof that hfs can and or was able to handle shared network path.

On NAS/PC with a shared folder, you will require a shared folder with full control over files to a single user.

On server PC that permission folder will be mapped as a network shared drive

On the servers, on hfs and drag the drive letter to the house/root of the hfs window. And add it as a real folder.


More info on hidden share/admin/ read-only shares. And windows share has another secret share of the path that also ends o. A $ ....

These share are usually system related and don't/are not usueable for true network sharing.

O don't recommend using a hidden share to map, if you want then 'c' drive shared then you will have to go to the PC and share that drive.

On regards to 3 com and other wol tools.

3 com was an example, as they are a nice / network hardware manufacturer and often have third party tools such as pxe boot

Sorry, usually. Use a PC, but with current work, the phone is what I have, and auto correct and predicted text mess with the typing sometomes.

Again, your server PC must have a network shared folder to a disk drive.

Then you add that drive like any other folder to hfs

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: HFS Network Storage Integration
« on: May 30, 2018, 06:36:18 PM »
C$ is windows secret hidden read-only share. And is not wol capabley.

 If you are network sharing and want will you will have to enable file sharing on the PC first then use 3com or other tools to enable a wol

Hfs can add a network share, and you can setup wol network sharing...

Have to find the post on someone doing this. There were issues with read/wrote with network shared drive...

after reading and folowing the router guides / how toos etc.. to verfy port forward acess adn sucessfl conections:

i would have you double check these areas:

is hfs being run as administrators?

does the folder have proper permissions for access?

is port forwarding setup correctly?

If the app keeps crashing, i would first see if you have a bad exe download (redownload manulay form a good/ official site)
and double check your resources (hd file access read/writes / ram & processor...etc)

otherwise a restart scheduled task / another program to restart might come in handy:

Hey Danny,

thought it was worth a mention
* Required downloading a php exe and set cgi /cli path

Although, php is somewhat aviable, but not officially supported, but is capable:;u=9522;area=showposts;sa=topics;start=30

thx raybob

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