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I think you are right, the self test is not working properly, thank you all for helping me

I just tried "hidemyass" and I can't connect to my server through them. They have a problem.
I can through
It appears HFS self test isn't working here.  Use to check your port,
it works, just used it. as posted by French works great too.

it works on port 8080 from within my internet connection but when I try it on a proxy server such as, I get a connection error that it can not connect to the specified port, again when  I try to connect from somewhere else outside my internet I get the same connection error.   I think the self test is working fine, no bug there.
did you try to connect with port 8080 on proxy server or from outside your internet (maybe at work)?
I am just wondering whether any one was able to connect to other ports than port 80 from outside their internet ! I doubt it's a bug

If you use the self test is perhaps a likely the same bug, I checked it with port 8080 open and HFS works, the self test says is wrong but it works, try connecting from a proxy server type: and see if port 8080 works with HFS. Hello, French.  8)

it's correctly forwarded to the correct machine, and I do run it on static ip, as I said I run my website on this computer, I have no known issues with iis server but this one is a nightmare. 
Have you checked your router settings to make shure 8080 is forwared, and not to another system perhaps? its best to run your server with a static IP not in the range of your regular IPS
like my server is and my computers are in the 100"s so it will not interfere with my normal serving,

installed the program, I already have another server (iis) using port 80 which host my website, so I need to use a different port than port 80. port 8080 seems to work fine locally however when I click on self test or try to access the site out side my internet,connection fails. I removed my router, disabled all firewall and still no luck. tried different ports and no luck,  I spent hours reading numerous thread and still no luck, uninstalled and reinstalled the program, tried to restore it and that didn't help either.  port forwarding didn't help either.  I have tried everything for no avail. finally I changed the port on iis server to 8080, and changed hfs to port 80 and this seems to fix the problem. hfs doesn't seem to work on any other port other than port 80 (except internally within your internet connection) so I conclude it is not a port forwarding or a firewall issue but it is a bug, I can't think of any other explanation, I did not sleep, I stayed up all night and was not able to fix this issue, I would appreciate if someone could help me out.   I can not run my website on port 8080 because visitors would need to type the port number after the url to access my website, and I don't want to do that.  is there a way to make hfs work on port 8080 outside my internet connection?

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