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i saw alot of template chages, and revision, i was not able to save them all. . .
Development was in phases.  You only need versions 4 and 7.

Versions 1, 2, 3, 4 are the first phase, cumulating in Throwback4. 
Throwback4 is a good reference classic template and is PC-centric.

Versions 5, 6, 7 are the second phase, cumulating in Throwback7.
Throwback7 is refined to work well on the PC, tablet and phone.

7 is current.
Versions 8 and 1998 are development versions for a possible third phase. 
Version 9, not yet published, uses the guidelines revealed by the '98 version and most of the code from version 8, with the result of sharper looking tables and web browsing speed that is quicker than local file browsing.  I'm still working on that.

No progress so far on feature provisioning by an ordinary link carrying %item-url% to a separate page for management and media functions.  However, I have a huge list of other templates to look through to see if there is any similar code.

HTML & templates / Re: Need help with file delete feature.
« on: June 03, 2018, 12:37:18 AM »
Sometime ago, I was thinking in another approach: removing the delete button, and adding a "+" button instead, which when clicked, it opens a modal screen (in dark grey color) with three nice and big buttons, giving options like: Rename, Delete and Move (and we could even add a 'Send to' when using a mobile). This way, the 'server side' check (to verify if we could delete the file), is only processed on-demand when that "+" button is clicked. I think this could be a win-win situation to solve this, not only because we don't overload the server, but we also add more options. The hard part is coding it... :-[
Somehow, the "+" icon, when clicked, has to transport that particular %item-url% to a separate page with the delete, rename, move (management) options on it.

I wonder if there is an example with at least as much as carrying the specific %item-url% to another page?

HTML & templates / Need help with file delete feature.
« on: May 31, 2018, 10:15:44 PM »
. . . I don't see any more enhancements available without slowing down the server. . .
That does need refined.

The problem:
Slowdowns are caused by a feature inside file list loop (load*files*users).
Macros and server side scripts are disaster when magnified times the number of files.

Currently, the delete feature costs 28% of the speed when done like this:
   {.if|{.get|can delete.}|<td class=rw align=center><form method='post' id='filelist'><input type='hidden' name='selection' value='%item-url%'><button type='submit' name='action' value='delete' class='del' onclick='return confirm("Delete %item-name%?")'>X</button></form></td>.}
if 40 users browsing 1000 files, the code gets 40,000 times bigger, and you get a broken server

The solution:
Instead, if it could be moved, then it would cost less than 9% for this:
<td><a href="somewhere-else">X</a></td>

That difference would move a lot of bulk and some cpu load, outside of the file listing.  But, how do I do it?
At least, how do we move most of that, outside the loop? 

So, I wrote one with no classes, no jquery, no stylesheet and no static sizing.  It fits the phone screen better. 

Back when the web was new, sites had a sharp clarity look. The blue&silver colors probably help too. 
The 90's style of HTML forces more attention to detail, like using a little paint brush instead of a big paint brush. 

I was curious to see if there would be a difference.  There is!  It really gets a lot of files onto the phone screen. 

But, I was really wondering if there would be a significant functional difference.  There isn't.

Anyway, enjoy the brand new antique. 
(attached below)

If you have a file named hfs.diff.tpl or hfs.filelist.tpl, in that "1" folder, it will display differently.
Are you using an up to date HFS build 299 or 300 (2.3K or 2.3L)?
So, if I understand correctly, ordinary file types and folders fail the css/style color in your folder named "1" but not in your other folders and not on other HFS servers. That may be in the VFS, possibly fixable by making a new folder and copying the content into it.

Since the hover color works, but the main color doesn't, you can try this: 
Edit the [file] section. 
replace %item-name%
with <font color="#88DD88">%item-name%</font>

More specifically.
Find this:  <a href="%item-url%"><font color="white">&#9671;</font>&nbsp;%item-name%</a></td>
Change to: <a href="%item-url%"><font color="white">&#9671;</font>&nbsp;<font color="#88DD88">%item-name%</font></a></td>
Or: <font color="white">&#9671;</font>&nbsp;<a href="%item-url%" style="color:#88DD88">%item-name%</a></td>

That latter method with the inline style is preferred, because the hover/highlight color still works.

I tired TB6-phone.tpl. Some problem. I think the problem starts with a folder called "1". For any reason could this cause a problem?...Still a problem with TB8-Core.tpl
Thanks Chris! 

The most likely trouble is a diff-template has blocked some display rendering. 

First: right-click the root folder, properties, remove anything in the diff-template tab. 
Second: right-click the 1 folder, properties, remove anything in the diff-template tab.
Third: Menu, Save file system.

How to:
The throwback is a replacement main template (not for use as a diff-template). 
To use a new main template, you'd save the tpl file in the same folder as hfs.exe, and then:

HTML & templates / error
« on: May 28, 2018, 06:56:25 PM »
. . . I see the problem on Android 7.1 with Google Chrome and Samsung Internet and on Windows 10 with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.. . . diff template the root directory.. . .
Thanks Chris! 
I found possibilities for the error.  It doesn't happen in normal conditions.  Version 7 didn't have contingencies to handle rare events, such as unclassified items in diff template and adaptive tables still drawing after css finishes.  Those are possible.

To remedy this, I've added fallback code and rewritten the css to half size for version 8.
That took all day. 
And still working on it.

For preview, here is the version 8 core.
Because it is a re-write, the extra features haven't been added at this time.
(A macro that provisions a delete feature costs 28% of the speed. It is not added yet) 
So, if you want to find out how fast HFS is supposed to go, try this:

That is not HFS. 
HFS doesn't act that way. 
You have a connectivity problem.

Possibilities include, 3rd party firewall/security software, modem problem, switch problem, network drivers, router problem. 

What browser are you using?  Phone, Tablet, PC, Mac?  Which specific template file are you using?   
Try adding a{color:#8D8} to the bottom of the [style] section in the template.
Try version 4 or 6 of this template, to see if there's a difference.

HTML & templates / Update. Phone friendly.
« on: May 26, 2018, 12:19:15 AM »
The update is located at the first post in this thread.

Throwback7.tpl has single-line listings and will move extra columns out of the way, as needed.     

Kudos and thanks to LeoNeeson for samples and ideas. 

I still have to see how to hide columns on small screen sizes (too much work for today, perhaps I'll do it on the next few days).  (I've uploaded a new revision, here. Report any bugs, if you find them)
I have rewritten it to do what you described, not by slower macros, but by speeding it up with some old school HTML4T, utilizing the table logic anchored diagonally.  The stopwatch likes this solution. 
Extra columns get out of the way, and filenames display on one line. 
I also took the liberty of changing the color theme to match Royale Noir. 

This was incorporated into release 7 after revising the delete and upload functions. 

To show %item-modified% as MM/DD/YYYY, change this:
%item-modified% this:
Sorry, but I've got some bad news.  That task repeats per each file.
Unfortunately, that macro, runs on the server's cpu, for reduced multi-user capacity and slower file listings. 
Instead, we need to use the client's cpu for that, with javascript. 

I like some of the ideas there!

But, I did run into a few curiosities. . .
The table can't have every col as a % because then the delete button won't appear.  On the phone, it is intentionally expanded off the right side, when the phone is held vertical; and that's because it is more important to see the filenames than to have the table stay within the bounds of the screen (especially 5cm screen). 

The fog colored background is pretty cool, but background of table cells and background of buttons probably need to be darkened, considerably. Then it gets very good because the space-waste border is redundant and should be shrank to 1px or omitted.  Yes, that would work much better on phones (less screen spent on boxes, more room for text). 

Single line filename truncation is not suitable, because this: 
Fantastic home movie 1
Fantastic home movie 2
Fantastic home movie 3
is rendered as:
Fantastic ho...
Fantastic ho...
Fantastic ho...

So, it looks like we'd rather mash the date stamp instead.  It is the battleship in our bathtub. 
The unnecessary clock is the real problem--we need only M/D/Y.
The macro for that would multiply the processing delay*users*downloads*files server-side, causing decreased server capacity, Or. . .
Javascript for that would multiply the processing delay*files client-side, resulting in slightly increased server capacity.  Not bad.
Evidentially, it needs to be in javascript (scalable because it runs on the user's cpu). 

Here's the variable to attack:  %item-modified%  wasn't made with phone screens in mind. 
This needs changed by javascript, so that it shows the date in M/D/Y format: 
<script type="text/javascript">document.write('%item-modified%')</script>
needs a filter
I wonder if a javascript similar to this: could be used to trim %item-modified% down to M/D/Y format by identifying the space " " and omitting both the space and the unnecessary clock after it? 

I didn't have the chance to test 'Throwback4.tpl' (perhaps you could attach it on this message if you want), but 'TB5.tpl' works great and fast. :)
Thanks. And, you gave me a great idea!   I have uploaded TB6.tpl

Saved for reference

HTML & templates / Update. more thorough iPhone and Android support
« on: May 23, 2018, 02:37:24 AM »

I simplified the css and layout to better support phones.
Features streamlined so that it is easier to use.
The Classic HFS look now displays well on any size screen.  Even a phone screen vertical, still looks right.

We were at the grocery store, forgot the list and used the phone to fetch a recipe from home (so that we could buy the supplies without having to drive back home for the list).  This event is what had inspired me to make an update.

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