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for those interested in reducing the CPU load on the server, make a test disabling "use system icons" under Menu > virtual file system.
The Throwback templates don't utilize that feature. 
Instead, there's unicode support and use of unicode icons (not image files).  The only graphics used are those that exist aboard the client (many) not the server (one).  That was done for scalability.  Throwback9 also demonstrates how to add more features with asynchronous (non-blocking) code, for scalability. 

But, I still haven't figured out how to shorten the phone-unfriendly Four Score And Seven Years Ago plus extra clock, verbose %item-modified% without slowing down the file listings.  There were some scripts proposed (using the client's cpu for scalability), but I wasn't clear on how to install them in the template.  I put in a few days trying it though.  No luck yet.

Edit:  A phone screen friendly file date looks like  mm.dd.yy (the smallest size possible)

Sometimes the program is buggy. I can't even open the program from a minimized ! This happens when I often use browsers, open instant messengers and much more .. The program just stops working. What could be the reason ? After restarting the PC, everything is fine. Maybe it's time to reinstall the operating system? I use the latest version of 2.3 m build 300
Windows as server:
You can try ccleaner, blackbird, tinywall and msconfig.  There are probably a few unnecessary items starting up along with your computer.  Also, if windows 10 is used as a server, you might want to de-populate Scheduled Tasks (defrag and disk health are good, but a hundred Microsoft-Drek© items don't need to run frequently).  Regain ownership of your own computer, then it can succeed as a server.

HFS things that you can try:  The pre-release, aka HFS 299-1/2 A highly efficient retro template, consumes less resources.

I'm still working on the changes that can be made to the default template with a minimum of modifications and that are as simple as possible
That is a good project! 
It looks like the functions/menus will have to be moved to the top of the phone/tablet screen, so that the file listing will fit on-screen.
See also the [error] section from inside of a throwback template, because it bypasses most errors instead of claiming a broken server.  Also, see Leo's code that can get the phones logged in, even if they don't have the Firefox Mobile browser (Leo's code will be incorporated into the next version of the Throwback template).  Lastly, have a look at the throwback template's unicode support, both the font declaration and the use of instantaneous unicode icons instead of sending a little photo per each file listed (the difference in bandwidth isn't much, but the difference in lag-time is huge, since schlepping photos burdens the server cpu and unicode characters don't do that).  It won't take much scrolling labor to pick out the good stuff from the Throwback templates, because they're 24 times shorter than the standard template. 

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: New version: 2.3m
« on: September 15, 2018, 02:49:35 PM » friendly...
Those screens are small.  Can you add %item-modified-mdy% short format 12.25.18 file date?

Solution is inside this post
Unfeasible with multiple users. If several users list files at the same time, server-side synchronous processing causes more dramatic loss of speed. With many files there's a long time to wait, as if broken. Inefficient workaround isn't a substitute for an efficient baked-in short date format.   If Rjetto makes that new standard template that works with phones; also, he will soon need %item-modified-mdy% short date (12.25.18) functionality, with better efficiency.

Until then, a possible workaround solution involves the Client's CPU (because there are many), not the server's CPU (only one--don't jam it).  Client side processing would be a script to reformat %item-modified%, preferably with async/non-blocking processing. 

I don't know how, but DJ does.

can you give some examples to reproduce in order to find a solution  ;)
This is useful:

However, the solution that I really need is a built-in %item-modified-mdy% resulting in the format 09.14.18 since that much smaller format would be feasible with vertical displays (phones, tablets). 

This, I tried for 3 hours with hfs 299-1/2 (the pre-release).  :) 
After upgrading to the official hfs 300, the remove headers command worked for cookies, not for etag.

HTML & templates / Re: Alternative login form for modern browsers
« on: August 28, 2018, 06:38:52 AM »
Wow!  It does work! 
Instead of the usual round of hazing, I can actually log in. 
I tested it on normal mobile; and got logged into HFS, for the first time. Brilliant!

HTML & templates / No cookies for a certain folder?
« on: August 28, 2018, 06:18:19 AM »
I was wondering if it were possible, probably with, to have no cookies issued or attempted for a certain folder? 
Perhaps it is a folder of support graphics, such as wallpapers; or, perhaps HFS is pulling dual duty also supporting a wholly different website in addition to its normal duties.  Or, in my case, I need to do that for markup speed testing.

HTML & templates / Light color scheme?
« on: August 24, 2018, 10:28:02 PM »
In other news, Throwback1998, the most popular version?  It must be the light color scheme. 
Actually, it is running on my own server, for just that reason--the appearance.
I probably should use the quicker version 9 and make a new edition with the light colors.    Good idea? 

Form not setup correctly, asp script not working... still need hfs link/symbol to pass code into. NOT a easy/simple thing to do.
I can't find the target variables either.  But, it sure will be easy after we find that!  :D
Password in urls is being blocked by newer browsers, so can't do it that way.
For now, all Firefox, even the mobile, still have the deprecated built in login box.  So, just planning ahead.

To work fast and don't overload the server, %item-size% and %item-modified% should be only asked to the server "on-demand" when we click on the menu button. . .
The %item-size% is fast; however, the %item-modified% is problematic.  It would also be cool to use the modern asynchronous (non-blocking) script methods to shorten the anti-phone date format to a phone friendly mm/dd/yy.  That processing can occur on the client, without blocking the server's progress in listing files. 

do you mean a querystring?
I was referring to this:
. . . removing the delete button, and adding a "+" button instead, which when clicked, it opens a modal screen. . .with three nice and big buttons, giving options like: Rename, Delete and Move. . .
After the button is clicked, then that may be a good spot for a photo thumbnail, players, etc...

Also, I had a thought about the speed--duplicate call to %item-url% costs +25% delay and another +5% for the span tag (the sum is about a third); so, howabout no extra button whatsoever, but, instead long-click or right click the filename, and then only one call to %item-url%? I wonder if that is possible. 

HTML & templates / the next phase. . .
« on: July 13, 2018, 09:28:36 PM »
I wonder if it is possible to replace the X with ☰ (menu) or checkbox so as to provide for more features (at no cost to speed)? 
For example, click on ☰ to reach a page with that one file listed along with options to delete, rename, move or play?

HTML & templates / Re: file delete feature, and Throwback9
« on: July 12, 2018, 04:28:23 PM »
Remove the link from the span and add ;cursor:pointer to the style.
Thanks.  I got that pointer edit done and re-uploaded the file. I didn't make the other changes because I got stuck. [...] So, could you make changes to the template and upload it? 
I see it has appeared at the post just above.  THANKS!!
When I checked with the stopwatch, the speed is good too!
You did a wonderful job in showing how to add features without bogging down HFS file listing speed.  Kudos!!!

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