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Bug reports / Re: HFS Documentation (English)
« on: Today at 12:08:27 PM »
sorry for letting you wait guys.
I fixed it.
thanks for the help!

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / New version: 2.3m
« on: August 15, 2018, 05:27:36 PM »
what's new
Please go to:
Menu > updates > check for news/updates

what's new
+ initial localization support [link]
+ {.remove header.}
- fixed error pages' loading problem [link]
- fixed error with {.load.} with size exceeding real size
- fixed template translation issues

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: New version: 2.3k
« on: August 15, 2018, 04:39:26 PM »

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: moving to another pc
« on: August 15, 2018, 04:38:13 PM »
In order to get this working you need to "Edit resource" and point to the directory where the file is located. The Folder icons are OK, but the files placed in those folders must be edited :(

your main problem is that you used a VIRTUAL folder when probably you needed a REAL folder.

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Unlimited Speed Hang
« on: August 15, 2018, 04:34:45 PM »
Any progress on this topic? I am currently running with a rate limited wget command "wget -r -nH -l1 --no-verbose --no-parent --limit-rate=8000k" to avoid the hang. Using FileZilla I get much better performance without the hang but using HFS would be my preference.

did you update wget as suggested in my last post?

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: A macro-level https redirect ?
« on: August 15, 2018, 04:30:10 PM »
{.add header|location:}

Programmers corner / Re: HTTP Header Size Problem
« on: August 15, 2018, 12:46:19 AM »
current version doesn't allow you to remove such headers.
with next version 2.3m you will be able to program this event
Code: [Select]
{.remove header|ETag.}
{.remove header|Set-cookie.}

I'm not sure if security problems that have been fixed in time affect 2.2f. Surely most don't. You should make a search yourself, sorry.

HTML & templates / Re: URL Forwarding Question
« on: July 30, 2018, 08:46:55 AM »
"hiding" the IP that way is a matter of convenience and aesthetic, not security. Indeed, that's only about not being displayed directly, but anyone who wants to get the ip can. To go this way you have to use the "dynamic dns" feature.
Hiding the port is almost pointless. When you "don't see the port", it's because it's the default one (80). It's just nicer.

To really conceal an IP you should consider other means, but i'm not an expert and cannot advice. Maybe TOR may help you, not sure.

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: HFS Network Storage Integration
« on: May 30, 2018, 08:51:13 AM »
welcome :)
WOL is not supposed to be handled by HFS.
i didn't understand what your problem actually is, the sentence is a bit confusing. You say C$ shows. Does it fully work?
I just tried with both C$ and "simple folders" mapped through SMB (e.g. \\server\simple-folder ) and worked fine.
Be sure you have right permissions and access works accessing those addresses through Windows Explorer.

that's not normal and should not happen.
Try to change port number and see if it happens again.

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Why a session is limited to 1GB?
« on: May 27, 2018, 10:07:34 PM »
i would exclude it's hfs

if you rename the file by using HFS itself, and you are using the latest version of default template, the comment is expected to be updated.

If you press F6 you should see this:
Welcome! This is the default template for HFS 2.3
template revision TR2.

if it doesn't say TR2 then your template is outdated.

I ask myself an essential question: 'httpGet' is of type string and 'reply' of type Tstringstream, I imagine that the macro 'load' is originally planned to treat only text files, that does not mean it does not pose a problem whereas with binary files it would be more appropriate to use 'httpGetFile' with 'reply' as Tfilestream

i'm not sure what it's good for, but i normally use string-s for generic/binary buffer handling in Delphi, as i find it to be very handy. Binaries are handled correctly.
I wonder if the code above is actually working good with URLs, i didn't try, i just used Leo's test.
Even if it works, i wonder what's the time overhead given by making a new request for each megabyte. Maybe it's acceptable. If not you can increase it to 10MB and should be fine.

ok, mars' fix is correct. Thanks mars!
i included it for the next build, but if you don't want to wait, you can download this preview

hi guys, i started reading this thread but only half of it as it is a bit long. I'll try to finish tomorrow as i have to go to bed.

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