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UTF-8 encoding for outgoing HTTP headers

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HFS seems to be all Unicode - both in the HTML directory listings it generates and HTTP headers it accepts. However, when it generates headers like Location, they are in a single-byte encoding, whatever is the server default. This can be demonstrated with requests like
GET http://server/UnicodeFolderName HTTP/1.1
HFS sends a 301 response
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Location: http://server/UnicodeFolderName/
where both the Location header and the response body are in single-byte encoding.
This might be ok for the browser, but not for the proxy, especially if it has some complex URL-processing logic. The UnicodeFolderName is garbled and produces errors.

Please consider fixing it. Thanks.

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next beta release will address this problem.
please give feedback when you can test it.