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Weird Error VFS File

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hi rejetto,

after restarting server i found an error with no luck to start it back again

it start loading VFS and then stuck almost at 99%

am attaching the VFS file plz check it and if possible make it work again as i have no backup of it :(

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Your file actually contains a problem, but it's not corruption, it was saved bad by hfs itself.
Currently i don't know why it happened and how to fix it.
Nonetheless, from next build HFS won't stuck with it, and this may eventually save the day. My hope is that no data is actually lost with this problem.
Keep your old file until you are sure you didn't lost any data.
Until i publish next build, you can use this fixed version of your VFS.

Never publish your VFS next time, it may contain sensitive data. Give it to me privately.