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if i open the main window and take a look at the log view, i think it is too small so that i have to scroll from left to right and back. that's why i maximize the windows to "fullscreen" and what happens? the virtual file system column is maximized, but the log colums is has the same width as before so i point the mouse to the bar between virtual file system and log view and move it to the left to see more of the log. ok now everything is ok but when i restore the old size of the window, the bar moves to the left so that i see almost nothing of the virtual file system.

solution for me could be:
* fixed width for virtual file system column instead of fixed width for log colums (i think vfs has a fixed "needed" width for most people)
* relative size - for example it is stored that the colums has xx percent of the window width.
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You are right, not only the log window, all windowframes have a strange behaviour when resizing.

To see it, when starting with a nice small window, what happens if you maximize and then reduce:
1. if you adjust width of log window maximized, then switch to reduce, window width is to big, and you have to move the separator befor you can shrink horizontally.
2. If you increment on maximized window the height of the lower traffic area, reducing will even in someway flip the contents of the windows.

But i am sure rejetto knows this all, but this things don't affect the basic working of hfs. So as hfs goes on growing with new features, there will be lot of work redesigning menus and windows, and i think we should live with this minor details to allow that the features to serve files and create templates better could be attacked before.

If you need to look at logs fecuently, you can write your logs to disk, even splitting files depending of user, date and so on. Then you can look at them with any editor.
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